Damp and Mould Policy

Specifics of the Policy

WHBC’s Responsibilities

3.1    To ensure that we maintain the structure of our homes in good repairand meet Decent Homes Standard and as set out in our Asset Management Strategy.
3.2    Maintain the heating, sanitation and service installations of rented homes where these have been installed by us or where we have adopted responsibility of these through relevant policies (i.e. adaptations to homes; or through previous tenant improvements).
3.3    It is WHBC’s responsibility to provide tenants with the information they need to work their heating and hot water systems efficiently; along with information to help them to minimise condensation.

Resident’s Responsibilities

3.4    The resident is responsible for ensuring no damage occurs to their home as defined by the Tenancy Agreement.
3.5    Any damp or mould should be reported to the Council by residents for investigation.
3.6    Residents will be provided with information and guidance on minimising condensation in their home and this should be followed.