Gambling policy Part A

Responsible Authorities

5.1 The Council is required by regulations to state the principles it will apply in exercising its powers under Section 157(h) of the Act to designate, in writing, a body which is competent to advise the authority about the protection of children from harm. The principles are:

  • the need for the body to be responsible for an area covering the whole of the Council’s area
  • the need for the body to be answerable to democratically elected persons, rather than any particular vested interest group

5.2 In accordance with the Gambling Commission’s Guidance to Licensing Authorities this authority designates the Hertfordshire Local Safeguarding Children Board for this purpose.

5.3 The contact details of all the Responsible Bodies under the Gambling Act 2005 are available via the Council’s website at: There is no obligation on responsible authorities to respond to applications for premises licences if they do not wish to do so.