Gambling policy Part A

Exchange of Information

9.1 Licensing authorities are required to include in their policy statements, the principles to be applied by the authority in exercising the functions under sections 29 and 30 of the Act with respect to the exchange of information between it and the Gambling Commission, and the functions under section 350 of the Act with respect to the exchange of information between it and other persons listed in Schedule 6 to the Act.

9.2 Should any protocols be established with regard to information exchange with other bodies then they will be made available. In exchanging such information, the Council will conform to the requirements of data protection and freedom of information legislation in accordance with the Council’s existing policies. Subject access requests can be made in writing and will be dealt with in accordance with current WHBC policies.

9.3 The Council will act in accordance with the provisions of the Gambling Act 2005 in its exchange of information and where appropriate adhere to Data Protection requirements. The Council will also have regard to any Guidance issued by the Gambling Commission to Local Authorities on this matter, as well as any relevant Regulations issued by the Secretary of State under the powers provided in the Gambling Act 2005.

9.4 Details of those persons making representations will be made available to applicants to allow for their preparation for negotiation or a hearing and, in the event of a hearing being held, will form part of a public document. Anyone making representations or applying for the review of a premises licence will be informed that their details will be disclosed.