Pay policy statement

General Terms and Conditions of Employment and Remuneration of Employees

3.1. All employees of the Council are employed as part of the Single Status Agreement, under either the National Agreement on Pay and Conditions of Service of the National Joint Council (NJC) for Local Government Services (commonly known as the ‘Green Book’), or the Joint Negotiating Committee (JNC) for Chief Officers and Chief Executives.

3.2. As of 1 April 2023, Scale A will be deleted from the pay scales. Scale B, spinal column point (SCP) 2 will become the lowest scale for employees. The current value of Scale B SCP 2 is £21,192, exclusive of Outer Fringe Allowance, currently £663 per annum.

3.3. The Council uses a pay spine that commences at national Spinal Column Point (SCP) 2 and ends at local SCP 39. This pay spine is divided into 12 pay bands, most having four incremental points with the exception of Scales B to D, which contain 2 scale points. Scale B is the lowest grade and Scale M is the highest of these pay grades. Posts are allocated to a pay scale through a process of job evaluation. We use the National Local Government Job Evaluation Scheme for this purpose.

3.4. The monetary value of the SCPs in pay grades are increased in line with the national pay awards agreed by the NJC for Local Government Services; the pay award effective from 1 April 2023 has not yet been agreed. The Outer Fringe Allowance is also subject to national negotiations. Pay scales will be adjusted accordingly when agreement has been reached.