Whistleblowing policy

Policy Statement

3.1 Welwyn Hatfield Borough Council is committed to running the organisation in the best way possible and to do so we need your help. We have introduced this policy to reassure you that it is safe and acceptable to speak up and to enable you to raise any concern you may have about malpractice at an early stage and in the right way. Rather than wait for proof, we would prefer you to raise the matter when it is still a concern so that we may deal with any wrongdoing.

3.2 If something is troubling you that you think we should know about or look into, please use this policy. If, however, you wish to make a complaint about your employment contract or how you have been treated, please use the council’s Disciplinary and Grievance policy (available on eTeam). This Whistleblowing Policy is primarily for concerns where the interests of others or of the organisation itself are at risk.

3.3 This policy applies to all Executive Directors and employees of the Council (including permanent, temporary, casual and trainee posts). Other individuals performing functions in relation to the Council such as agency workers, suppliers and contractors are also encouraged to use it.

3.4 Employees have no responsibility to investigate any matter – it is the council’s responsibility to properly investigate any matters raised.

3.5 If you are yourself the subject of disciplinary or redundancy procedures, your Whistleblowing does not mean that these processes will be halted.