Whistleblowing policy

Appendix A - Useful contacts


WHBC whistleblowing line email: Whistleblowing@welhat.gov.uk
Tel: 01707 357264
Alison Marston, Governance Services Manager email: a.marston@welhat.gov.uk
Tel: 01707 357444
Sheila Saunders, Legal Services Manager email: s.saunders1@welhat.gov.uk
Tel: 01707 357359
Margaret Martinus email: m.martinus@welhat.gov.uk
Tel: 01707 357575


Public concern at Work

Whistleblowing Advice Line: 020 7404 6609

UK advice line: whistle@pcaw.org.uk

CIC - Employee Assistance Programme Tel: 0800 085 1376

Approved Regulators

A full list of regulators van be found on the Public Concern at Work website