Whistleblowing policy

Raising a Concern Internally

5.1 Please remember that you do not have to have firm evidence of malpractice before raising a concern, but you must have a reasonable belief that you are acting in the public interest in disclosing it to the Council.

5.2 Step One – Raising a Concern Internally with Management

       5.2.1 We hope you will feel able to raise your concern about malpractice with your manager or Head of Service in the first instance. You should always consider doing this first if possible.

5.3 Step Two – Raising a Concern Internally Through Other Channels

       5.3.1 If you feel that you are unable to raise the matter with your manager or Head of Service then you can use one of the following means:

  • By email: whistleblowing@welhat.gov.uk
  • By telephone:
    • Clare Cade Senior Governance Manager, Tel: 01707357444
    • Kyle Houston Information Governance Officer, Tel: 01707357496
  • A Councillor- any concerns raised with a Councillor will be directed through to the Group Leader who will raise these concerns directly with the Monitoring Officer.

5.3.2 If the channels in steps one and two above have been followed and you still have concerns, or the matter is of such seriousness that you do not feel able to raise it using the above routes, then you can contact: