Street care and cleaning

Street furniture

We look after street furniture such as benches, bus shelters and street name plates.

For street lights, road signs and bollards contact Hertfordshire County Council.


Bus shelters

We own many bus shelters across the borough and put them in locations with high public usage.

Our contractor, Adspace 2000 maintains the bus shelters on our behalf. They clean them every month clean and respond to any vandalism within 24 hours.

Report an issue with a bus shelter

Contact us to report an issue.

Contact Hertfordshire County Council if a glass fronted bus timetable has been broken (for example those often found on lampposts).


Street name plates

We make sure that street name plates are provided and fitted in suitable positions. In new developments, the developer is responsible for the putting up name plates.

Report an issue with a street name plate

We are responsible for repair and maintenance of street name plates.

To report damaged, missing or illegible street name plates contact us.

More about Street naming and numbering.



There are many benches around the borough. Some are owned by us and others are owned by parish councils or are privately owned.

Report a problem with a bench owned by the council

If you notice a problem with a public bench contact us. 


Lease a memorial bench

It is possible for residents to lease benches as memorials to loved ones. 

Contact us to lease a bench or find out more.

Costs to lease a bench

The cost for leasing a bench can be found in our Fees and Charges.

They include: 

  • purchase of the bench
  • putting it in an agreed location
  • adding a plaque with an agreed inscription
  • repair or replacement of the bench should it become damaged or unsafe during the 10 year lease period.

Memorial bench plaques

The plaques are 200mm x 50mm lacquered brass. The number of characters will depend upon the size and style of font that you choose, 60 characters is the maximum.

Memorial bench locations

We are happy to consider any suggestions you have for the location of a new bench, but the council will need to decide if these are suitable for a bench to be located.

If you have decided to lease a refurbished bench then you may choose any existing bench which is undedicated, or suggest a new location for our consideration.

Memorial bench lease period

The lease period is ten years. At the end of this you have the option to lease the bench again at the current lease renewal fee.

The bench will refurbished within six months of the renewal taking place.

If you decide to end the agreement after the ten years the plaque will be removed from the bench and returned to you. The bench may remain in place or be removed, it will be available for another person to lease.

You must update us with your new contact details if you move.  If we cannot contact you at the end of the lease the plaque will be removed and stored for one year. The bench will then remain undedicated for two years.

Contact or visit Welwyn Hatfield Borough Council

Address: Council Offices
Campus East
Welwyn Garden City

Telephone: 01707 357 000