Street care and cleaning

Leaf clearance

We clear leaves from our green spaces, highway verges and adjacent footpaths. Other open spaces and footpaths are cleared as part of the usual cleansing activities.

Report dangerous footpaths and roads due to leaf fall

If you think a footpath or road is dangerous because of wet leaves causing slippery conditions report this to Hertfordshire County Council's Highway Department.

If they do not consider it to be dangerous it will be cleared as part of our scheduled collections.


Report a leaf problem

You will need to give us:

  • the location of the issue
  • a description of the issue

Start now

Once you submit the form you will get an email acknowledgement. We will then look into the problem and, if necessary, ask our contractor to carry out the work.

If the issue is on private land or property, we will not be able to carry out the maintenance work.


Regular leaf clearance


We normally begin clearning leaves from November up until March. As we work to a schedule, we cannot respond to individual leaf clearance requests. We prioritise areas where there is most leaf fall.


Is collected during routine sweeping or will be cut up when the grass is cut.


Leaf fall on private property

Landowners are responsible for dealing with leaf fall on their private property.

You can dispose of leave by:

If you discard leaves on verges or other public areas it constitutes fly-tipping.

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