The composition of the council is:

  • 23  Conservative councillors
  • 13  Labour councillors
  • 12   Liberal Democrat councillors


Leader of the Conservative PartyCouncillor Tony Kingsbury
Leader of the Labour Party (and of the Opposition)Councillor Kieran Thorpe
Leader of the Liberal Democrat Party Councillor Malcolm Cowan


Whichever political party our councillors belong to, they all have an active interest and concern for their local community.

Councillors are elected to represent a particular ward for a four-year term. In three years out of a four year cycle an election is held for a third of the council seats (an election for Hertfordshire County Councillors is held in the fourth year of the cycle). Councillors are elected by the community to represent the interests of local people to ensure the council fulfils its duties and takes collective decisions which form the policy of the council.

The role of the Councillor is to:

  • meet in various committees to discuss and agree major policies that determine how the services are run
  • ensure the council is delivering good services
  • decide on priorities for the council
  • make decisions in some committees
  • agree how much will be spent by the council each year
  • agree how much you pay in Council Tax
  • help individuals in their wards.

Council officers advise councillors on their work. These are professionally trained staff that are employed to carry out the functions and duties of Welwyn Hatfield Borough Council as decided by its elected members. Councillors can help if you are dissatisfied with a council service by advising or directing you to someone who can help sort out your problem and can sometimes progress the case on your behalf.

Councillors have the opportunity to become involved in local issues and make a difference to the lives of their local community. Councillors hold regular surgeries which are held locally on a Saturday morning where you can meet your councillor. You can also ring your councillor at home. Councillors receive an allowance, the details of which are in our Members' Allowances page. Councillors also represent the council and community on partnership and outside bodies.