Under the terms of your lease the council is required to arrange buildings insurance for your property which is paid for through your service charge.

The policy is renewed annually in June and a summary of cover will be sent to you each year after renewal.

The buildings insurance does not cover the contents of your home, and you will need to make your own arrangements for contents insurance.

Please familiarise yourself with the Icon for pdf terms and conditions of the policy, particularly any exclusions that may apply, which you will find under the heading 'What is not covered' on the summary.


How to claim

The insurance cover is provided by Avid Insurance Services Ltd. From 24 June 2019, any claims should be notified to handlers Questgates Ltd, as outlined on the fourth page of the Icon for pdf summary of cover.

When damage occurs to your property, or your neighbour's, it is important that action be taken as a matter of urgency to minimise the extent of the damage. Although increases in premium charges are not applied individually following a claim, the collective claims experience of all properties on the policy can lead to higher premiums.


Water Leaks

Many of the insurance claims we deal with are the result of damage caused by water leaking from washing machines or other appliances. This mainly affects the people who live in the flats below the source of the leak. Please make sure that you ask a professional plumber to install any washing machines and other appliances you have in your property.

This will:

  • Avoid inconvenience and cost to you and your neighbours; and
  • Help keep the insurance premiums low.


Weather risks

If you are able to, programme your central heating system to come on intermittently to prevent pipes from freezing.

If you notice any missing roof tiles, or if gutters, drains and gratings are blocked or overflowing, please report this to the Property Services Team on 0800 111 4484.