We are responsible for maintaining the structure of the building your flat is in and all common areas that you have access to use.

You are responsible for repairs to your individual property. If we carry out a repair to an element of your property, such as the windows or door entry phone, you will be charged for the work. We will carry out external and internal communal repairs and decorations where they are needed.

If you have a gas boiler or any gas appliances installed, you are required to arrange your own gas safety check for your property each year.


Report a repair

Please report all emergency repairs by telephone to 0800 111 4484.

All other repairs can be reported to us by telephone or by email at Housingmaintenance@welhat.gov.uk.


Timescales for repairs

We have different target times for different repairs, depending on how urgent they are, and whether we need to arrange an inspection first. We will tell you the priority of each repair when you report it.


Diagnosing your repair

When you report a repair we will ask you a number of questions to find out exactly what the problem is. Please bear with us, as the more information we have the quicker we will be able to deal with your repair. If we establish that a leak has originated in your property, it is your responsibility to investigate the problem and to keep us informed.


Improvements and alterations

If you would like to alter or make improvements to your home, you need to get our permission first. We recognise that you may like to make alterations and improvements to your property and we usually grant permission as long as your request meets our requirements. There is currently no charge for making an application.

We may give permission for you to carry out works such as window or door replacements; however this does not remove your responsibility under the terms of your lease to contribute towards block charges should we undertake a programme of improvements to your block.

Further information about improvements, alterations and how to apply can be found here.