It's important to remember that services vary from one block to another, so not all leaseholders are charged the same.

All leaseholders are charged for:


Repairs and maintenance

This is a yearly repayment of your share of all repair and maintenance costs to the structure and communal parts of your block.

You are given advance notice of the major works programme at the beginning of the programme year if your property is included. We run a consultation regarding programmed works with technical and leasehold staff before the statutory 'Section 20' consultation starts. This statutory consultation takes place when we are planning maintenance works which are likely to require you to make a contribution of £250 or more, or we are planning to arrange a maintenance contract will be likely to cost £100 or more per year.


Administration costs

This includes the costs of:

  • arranging repair
  • raising invoices
  • collecting charges
  • dealing with queries and complaints


Buildings insurance

We insure your block against fire and other risks. View our dedicated page about Buildings insurance for more information. Please note that buildings insurance does not cover the contents of your home.


Communal lighting

This is your share of the cost of electricity used to light corridors, stairs and walkways in the communal areas of your block. It does not include a charge for street lighting.



This is to pay for the contact to service and repair the lift in your block. You must pay this regardless of where in the block you live and whether or not you use the lift.


What your service charge does not include

You do not pay for services that we only provide for tenants, such as managing lettings and the waiting list, and repairs to individual properties.  Your service charge does not pay for Housing Benefit, nor does it fund grounds maintenance (except for the repair or renewal of fencing and communal driers).