COVID-19 (Coronavirus) - Noise, pests and pollution

Updates about changes to our noise, pests and pollution services as a result of COVID-19 (coronavirus).

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We can help deal with noise disturbances that cause distress.

Statutory Noise Nuisance is noise that significantly interferes with the enjoyment of your home. It has to be unreasonable and persistent, but there is no set level.

Statutory noise complaints include:

Reporting a noise complaint

During office hours, please call the Environmental Health team on 01707 357 242 or email

Outside of office hours, please call 0800 111 4484.

You will be connected to the council's out of hours contact centre and your details will be passed on to an Environmental Health Officer, who will visit with a Street Warden. 

We need to witness the noise as it affects you and your family, so an Officer will contact you and a visit will be made to your property.

Alternatively, call 101 (the non-emergency police call centre) and they will pass the call onto us.

We are unable to deal with:

  • Road, air and rail traffic
  • Noise caused by normal living
  • Noise caused by lack of sound insulation in a property.
  • People in the street.