Former tenant arrears policy


Prevention of Former Tenant Arrears

3.1 The council is focused on preventing FTA. While the tenant is living in the home we will work with them to try and prevent them falling into arrears wherever possible, managed in line with the council’s Rent Arrears Policy. This will include providing debt, benefit or general money advice where possible. We will also signpost to relevant agencies that can advise the tenant if we are unable to do so.

Contacting Former Tenants and Tracing

3.2 The Sundry Debt and Arrears officer is responsible for collecting FTA.

3.3 We understand the importance of acting promptly to increase collection of FTA. The relevant officer will identify FTA at an early stage and contact the former tenant. We will contact former tenants using a variety of methods.

3.4 Where we have no up to date contact details on the former tenant or we need more information we will use tracing to try and locate the former tenant. Tracing is the method of finding a person’s contact details.