Former tenant arrears policy

Former Tenant Debt Collection

4.1 The council understands that each case of FTA is different and the same collection methods will not be suitable for all cases. The officer will consider on a case by case basis what collection method(s) would be the most effective and the best value for money.

4.2 We have a flexible approach to collection and the officer should regularly review the case to see if using different collection methods may be more successful.

Debt Collection Agency (DCA)

4.3 The council will use a DCA when we have been unsuccessful in collection or tracing the former Resident. The DCA will return the case after 3 months if no arrangement has been made.

4.4 If the case is returned by the DCA due to unsuccessful trace we will continue to do inhouse tracing for the next year. If unsuccessful debt to be written off.

4.5 If returned by the DCA due to being unsuccessful in collecting the debt a write off will be completed.

4.6 Where appropriate and more cost effective, we will use in house tracing process using a compliant third party service.

Court Action

4.7 We will begin court action where we have taken reasonable action to collect the debt, but this has been unsuccessful and we feel court action will be effective. We will always inform the former tenant of our intention before beginning court action.

4.8 We do not condone or employ the use of seizure of goods / distraint as a tool for collecting former tenant arrears, either directly, or via any employed agent.