Information and records management policy

Retention and Disposal of Records

It is important that disposal of records happens as part of a managed process and is clearly and adequately documented. Services must have in place clearly defined arrangements for the appraisal and selection of records for disposal, and for documenting this work. The system should ensure that:

  • Records are reviewed, disposed of or transferred in accordance with the Council’s policy, which is based on the retention guidelines for Local Authorities (produced by the Records Management Society of Great Britain), specific service requirement and any corporate procedures for destroying confidential material of electronic media.
  • Documentation of any disposal or transfer of records is completed and retained
  • Records subject to a past Freedom of Information Act request are not destroyed
  • Records for permanent preservation are transferred to Hertfordshire Archives (the place of deposit for public records in Hertfordshire) as soon as possible
  • An intended disposal /review date is captured when electronic records are created