Welwyn Hatfield Borough Council provides and looks after street furniture such as benches, bus shelters and street name plates.

Other street furniture such as street lights and road signs are managed and maintained by Hertfordshire County Council.


There are many benches around the borough. Welwyn Hatfield Borough Council own some, others are owned by parish councils and some are private. If you notice a problem with a bench, please report it to the relevant person.

If the bench is on public land it is likely that the council or the parish council own it. Please contact us and if necessary we can pass the details on to the appropriate person. Benches on private property will need to be reported to the landowner.

It is possible for residents to lease benches as memorials to loved ones. Please see below some frequently asked questions which should provide some helpful information if you are interested in this;


What does the lease include?

The fee includes the purchase of the bench, its installation in an agreed location and the creation and installation of a plaque with an agreed inscription. The council will then repair or replace the bench should it become damaged or unsafe during the 10 year lease period.


How much is the lease?

For information about cost please view theIcon for pdf Fees and Charges Information Sheet. Please see the relevant charges for both new and refurbished benches (subject to the availability of refurbished benches).


What can I have on the plaque?

The plaques are 200mm x 50mm lacquered brass. The number of characters will depend upon the size and style of font that you choose, however 60 characters would generally be the maximum.


Where can I have the memorial bench?

We are happy to consider any suggestions you have for the location of a new bench, but the council will need to decide if these are suitable for a bench to be located. If you have decided you would like to lease a refurbished bench then you may choose any existing bench which is undedicated, or suggest a new location for our consideration.


What happens at the end of the lease period?

You would need to decide if you wished to renew the lease for another 10 years at the current lease renewal fee or end the agreement.


What happens if I renew the lease?

If you decide to renew the lease, we will arrange for the bench to be refurbished within six months of the renewal taking place. We will then repair or replace the bench should it become damaged or unsafe during the 10 year lease period.


What happens if I do not renew the lease?

If you decide to end the agreement the plaque will be removed from the bench and returned to you. The bench may remain in place or be removed depending on the level of usage and its condition. If the bench is left in the same place it will then be made available for another person to lease.


Who can use the bench?

A memorial bench can be used by any person.


What happens if I move house?

It is your responsibility to update us with your contact details. At the end of the lease period if we cannot contact you the plaque will be removed and stored for one year. The bench will then remain undedicated for two years.

Please contact us for further information.


Bus shelters

Welwyn Hatfield Borough Council own approximately 140 shelters across the borough. Bus shelters provided by the council are only placed at locations we deem to have high public usage.

The council has a contractor, Adspace 2000, who maintain the bus shelters on our behalf. This maintenance includes a monthly clean and reacting to any vandalism within 24 hours. To report an issue, contact us. If one of our existing bus shelters has been damaged, we should be able to arrange for our contractor to repair it.  New bus shelter requests will be considered as and when funding is available.

If a glass fronted timetable has been broken (for example those often found on lampposts) please contact Hertfordshire County Council's Passenger Transport Unit on 0800 590889 for further information.


Street name plates

The council is responsible for ensuring that street name plates are provided and fitted in suitable positions. We are also responsible for repair and maintenance of street name plates when this becomes necessary either due to accidental damage, vandalism or normal wear and tear. To report damaged, missing or illegible street name plates contact us.

In the case of a new development, the developer is initially responsible for the erection of name plates to the council's specification. Any subsequent maintenance or repair is carried out by the council.

Street naming and numbering is dealt with by the planning department.

See our other pages for more information on dog waste bins and litter bins.


Other types of street furniture

Hertfordshire County Council maintains other street furniture. This includes bollards, fencing, road signs and lighting. Please contact them to report a fault with one of these.