Annual Community Grant Guidance Notes

Supporting documentation and declaration

If your application is granted, we will need your organisation’s bank details. It is important the account information provided in the application is the same account as the copies of bank statements you provide with the application.

To confirm that you agree to the declaration stated in the application, and guarantee that the money will be used solely for the purpose outlined in the application form, an authorised individual needs to sign and date the declaration.

You are asked to upload further documentation as part of your application, these documents are:

  • a recent copy of your organisation’s annual accounts which has been audited orindependently reviewed and signed (if applicable)
  • a copy of your organisations’ last three months’ worth of bank statements
  • a copy of the organisation’s completed Diversity Monitoring form
  • a copy of the organisation’s Constitution or Memorandum of Articles
  • a copy of the Equality and Diversity statement/policy (unless exempt)
  • a copy of the Safeguarding statement/policy