Annual Community Grant Guidance Notes

The application: information about your project

The projects considered by the Grants Board are often varied and diverse but must show how your application for funding makes a positive contribution to one or more of Welwyn Hatfield Borough Council’s priorities, which are listed below.

Maintain a safe and health community:

  • Promoting inclusive and safe communities
  • Improving public health and well-being
  • Supporting local sport and leisure
  • Promoting local art and culture

Protect and enhance the environment:

  • Keeping our streets clean
  • Reducing waste and improving recycling
  • Enhancing our green spaces
  • Managing the borough's parking

Meet the borough’s housing needs:

  • Planning for current and future housing need
  • Providing more affordable homes
  • Being a high quality landlord
  • Improving housing quality in the borough

Help build a strong local economy:

  • Promoting investment and regeneration
  • Revitalising our neighbourhoods and town centres
  • Supporting sustainable economic growth
  • Being business friendly

Engage with our communities and provide value for money:

  • Achieving value for money
  • Putting our customers first
  • Promoting equality and fairness
  • Being an employer of choice