Annual Community Grant Guidance Notes

What happens next

Applications received after the closing date will not be considered.

  • The grants officer will log all applications received.
  • All applications will be checked to make sure they meet the eligible criteria and haveattached all the appropriate documentation. If at this point we find that information ismissing, we will contact you and give you five days to provide us with the additionalinformation.
  • All eligible applicants will be passed on to the Grants Board for assessment.
  • The Grants Board meets in November to make their final decision on what applications areawarded the funding.
  • The Grants Board’s recommendations are then passed to Cabinet for approval and theminutes signed off prior to applicants being informed whether their application wassuccessful or not.

If your application is unsuccessful you will receive a letter in the post notifying you of thisdecision and why this decision was made. If your organisation is successful you will receivea letter in the post outlining:

  • The conditions of the grant
  • Any special conditions
  • When we will pay the grant
  • Details on feedback expectations

Before we release any grant payments you must sign and return the Annual Grant Agreement within 6 weeks.

  • Once the signed agreement has been returned you will be paid (usually but not always) intwo instalments; one in May and one in October.
  • You will be asked for monitoring information three times throughout the year, it is importantyou complete the Annual Grant monitoring form to ensure you are considered for any futurefunding.The Grants Board’s decision on whether or not you have been awarded the funding is final, however if your application is unsuccessful you can contact the Grants Officer for feedback.