Anti-social behaviour strategy

Commitment Five

Provide a robust response to domestic abuse, hate crime and any other forms of harassment and or intimidation.

Domestic abuse (DA) and hate crime has devastating effects on individuals, families and communities. Often they are hidden crimes with victims not knowing how to or being afraid to approach others for help and support. We will;

  • Update our Domestic Abuse Policy and become signatories of the Domestic Abuse Housing Alliance to ensure good practice in this area.
  • Maintain our partnership working at the Welwyn Hatfield DA Forum and develop Domestic Abuse Champions in collaboration with Hertfordshire County Council.
  • Adopt the DASH risk assessment and continue to be active members of the Multi-Agency Risk Assessment Conferences.
  • Provide DA awareness and case management training for all frontline staff and Designated Safeguarding Champions.
  • Provide security and safety measures as appropriate for victims of DA, hate crime and those suffering from harassment and intimidation.
  • Provide third party hate crime reporting centres and have hate crime champions operating within WHBC.
  • Raising public awareness of the impacts of hate crime and making it clear that hate crime, harassment and bullying in any form will not be tolerated.
  • Use data profiling and partnership information to identify emerging issues and tensions to target intervention appropriately.