Anti-social behaviour strategy

Commitment Six

Tackle environmental ASB and encourage community responsibility and engagement.

Poorly maintained neighbourhoods and unchallenged environmental nuisance can blight neighbourhoods and affect the perception and confidence of safety in our neighbourhoods. To tackle this we will;

  • The council will commit to regular estate audits, using resources from all teams and develop a programme of block and neighbourhood inspections.
  • Provide a co-ordinated response to problem areas and encourage residents and staff to report a variety of tenancy and estate management issues in order to react quickly.
  • Engage residents in a Neighbourhood Champions Programme and in developing a Neighbourhood Standard to deliver on residents' priorities.
  • Provide education, training and facilities fit for purpose to tackle fly-tipping, waste left in communal areas and untidy gardens.
  • Develop easily accessible and robust reporting mechanisms for environmental issues and publish response times and council responsibilities within the Neighbourhood Standard to manage community expectation.