Information Request policy

Policy Statement

2.1      The Council will process all information requests submitted in line with the relevant legislation and Information Commissioner’s Office’s guidance and decision notices.

2.2      The Council will provide advice and assistance to all requesters where it is able to.

2.3      The Council will acknowledge all information requests received within 5 working days of receipt. 

2.4      The Council will aim to provide a response to a majority of requests within 20 working days. In circumstances where this is not possible, we will inform requesters of our delay and keep them regularly updated.

2.5      The Council will provide a copy of our Information Request Appeal Procedure when providing our response to a request. This may be used to appeal the outcome or handling of a request within 40 working days of a response being issued.

2.6      The Council will comply with the retention schedules specified for all information collected for the purposes of processing information requests.