Domestic abuse policy

Working in Partnership

10.1 We recognise that we cannot assist those experiencing domestic abuse in isolation and that a co-ordinated response is essential to ensure that survivors and their families receive the correct support.

10.2 WHBC is a key member of the Domestic Abuse Forum that shares statistics, embeds the Hertfordshire Domestic Abuse Strategy and helps to inform good practice across the district.

10.3 We commit to training and promoting Domestic Abuse Champions within WHBC as a supporter of the Champions  Network in Hertfordshire.

10.4 WHBC is an active partner of MARAC which facilitates, monitors, and evaluates effective information sharing to enable appropriate actions to be taken to increase the safety of victims. MARAC combines up to date risk assessments and links them to a risk management plan and the provision of services appropriate to those involved in domestic abuse; victim, children and perpetrator.

10.5 The Community Safety Partnership will promote the engagement of multiple agencies to identify, prevent, intervene, and reduce the impact of domestic abuse as well as raising the profile of available services.

10.6 We will work collaboratively to break down harmful gender and cultural barriers that make it difficult for some victims to report domestic abuse and engage with services.