Domestic abuse policy

Reporting Domestic Abuse

6.1 WHBC recognises that reporting domestic abuse or seeking help can be a very frightening experience and is committed to promoting a sensitive and confidential response.

6.2 We will offer a range of ways for domestic abuse to be reported to us including in person, over the telephone, in writing, by email or online.

6.3 We will respond within one working day and will endeavour to make available an officer of the same gender or ethnicity, where requested. We will also provide translation services where necessary.

6.4 We operate a 24 hour control centre service for reporting emergency repairs out of hours and for homelessness advice, should victims of domestic abuse need emergency repairs or accommodation.

6.5 We will report incidents to the police on behalf of individuals (with consent) or support them in doing so or where they feel intimidated or frightened to do it themselves.

6.6 We take all reports of domestic abuse seriously and we believe that no one should live in fear of violence or of being abused. Using our discretion, we will provide a sensitive and comprehensive response to anyone approaching us for support in relation to domestic abuse. Above all, we have a ‘zero tolerance’ approach to those who perpetrate domestic abuse, both as a local authority and a landlord. We will investigate all reports that we receive including those from witnesses or third parties who are concerned that domestic abuse is taking place.