Mutual exchange policy

The Mutual Exchange

6.1 Once an accurately completed mutual exchange application is received, WHBC has 42 days (six weeks) in which to make a decision failing which we will be unable to rely on the statutory grounds for refusal.

The decision can be either to:

  • Refuse the exchange (with reasons)
  • Approve the exchange, or
  • Approve the exchange with a condition

6.2 Providing there are no obvious grounds for refusal on receipt of the application, the property will be jointly inspected by a Neighbourhood Officer and a Maintenance Surveyor, using inspection guidelines. Any unauthorised alterations or non-standard/additional fittings will be recorded and all problematic alterations will need to be removed or rectified by the tenant prior to the mutual exchange taking place.

6.3 The applicant who wishes to exchange into the property will be encouraged to attend the property inspection, so that any alterations can be highlighted and to ensure that a thorough inspection takes place.

6.4 It will be made clear to both parties that they must make suitable arrangements regarding items left in the property, the garden and any outbuildings. Both parties will be reminded that WHBC is not responsible for removing any items left by the outgoing tenant.

6.5 Where the inspection is satisfactory, WHBC will arrange for electrical tests to be completed.

6.6 Provided there are no grounds for refusal, consent shall be notified to all parties. Should grounds for refusal apply or conditional consent be given, this decision will also be notified in writing to both parties and any other landlords.

6.7 Both parties should be available for the assignment or surrender and re-grant of tenancy to take place and as far as reasonably possible, the surrender of tenancies should occur on the same day.

6.8 It will be agreed with the incoming tenant that WHBC will complete a gas safety check as close to the day of the mutual exchange as possible.