Privacy notice

Welwyn Garden City Estate Management Scheme applications

To comply with its statutory obligations, the Council must make public certain details relating to planning applications in the form of a Public Register. Regulations allow this information to be made available on the Internet. The Council is under a statutory obligation to publish, on its website, a list of planning applications (which includes Welwyn Garden City Estate Management applications). This includes the name and address of the applicant and, where an agent is acting for the applicant, the name and address of that agent.

What information do we collect about you?

When determining an application, the council receives personal information from; the application form, documents of support or objection, the applicant and interested parties. This information will be securely held and the Planning service will take extreme care when publishing personal data or sensitive personal data on the website.  The following data will be redacted [blacked out so that it cannot be seen (in all instances, using electronic methods] or the document withheld.  It will not be published on the website:

  • signatures (handwritten)
  • personal telephone numbers including mobile phone numbers (this does not include commercial or business phone numbers).
  • personal email addresses (this does not include commercial or business email address).
  • registration plates on motor vehicles
  • identification of children’s/youth’s information (photographs)
  • children’s names and ages
  • identification of vulnerable person(s) including children / youths. For example disability registration / certificates / medical documents.
  • any medical or other data about someone’s health or wellbeing
  • personal financial information (bank statements etc.)

What about commenting on an Welwyn Garden City Estate Management application?

The Council may publish comments received from third parties (such as neighbours, other members of the public, community organisations) about applications on its website. To protect personal data from unnecessary disclosure, the Council will remove names, phone numbers, email address and signatures from the information that may be viewed via the website. Please note that your address will be published on our website.

The Council will not publish defamatory or obscene comments.

Data protection

The personal data collected for your application is for a specific, explicit and legitimate purpose and will not be used for any other purpose without your permission.

The online planning register (which includes Welwyn Garden City Estate Management applications) is also covered by the council’s general privacy policy which covers the council’s website.