Privacy notice

How we use your information

The UK GDPR defines a number of data protection principles which must be observed when processing information.

We strictly adhere to these principles, which in broad terms we comply with as follows.

The Council will only use the information it holds about you for the purpose for which you provided it, except in the circumstances outlined in this notice or as permitted within the legislation. We will collect the minimum information necessary to fulfil that purpose and when you provide information, you will be told what it will be used for and with whom it will be shared with.

We will keep the information as accurate as possible, keep your information for no longer than is necessary and dispose of the information in a secure manner when no longer needed. Whilst within our control your information will be kept securely and we shall protect it against unauthorised access and accidental loss.

You have, a number of legal rights in relation to the information we hold about you, and these rights are outlined in full at the end of this notice.

The Council's legitimate interests may provide a legal basis for processing data, provided that the interests or the fundamental rights and freedoms of our residents are not overriding, taking into consideration your reasonable expectations based on your relationship with the Council. Such legitimate interest could exist where there is a relevant and appropriate relationship between you and the Council, taking into consideration whether you can reasonably expect at the time and in the context of the collection of the personal data that processing for that purpose may take place. Your interests and fundamental rights could in particular override the interest of the Council where personal data are processed in circumstances where you do not reasonably expect further processing.

We are required to use your information fairly and lawfully and we will only process (collect, store and use) personal and sensitive information about you in ways that meet the rules of the UK GDPR.