Privacy notice

How we keep your information safe

To keep personal information safe Welwyn Hatfield Borough Council has in place a range of safeguards and procedures.

Information is kept safe using all reasonable technical measures, and this includes precautionary measures such as Firewalls, Access Control, Network segregation, multi-vendor anti-malware, web proxy and email filters with zero-day malware detection, replication to Disaster Recovery site, backup to Microsoft Azure cloud storage, 24x7 remote network monitoring, encryption of all mobile devices, dual factor log on. Our firewall firmware/software is updated regularly and we are also Public Services Network compliant.

From an organisational point of view, we train our staff in data protection and how to keep your information safe. We are constantly looking at ways to improve security, and have policies and procedures in place to assist in that endeavour, and before we start any new project a privacy impact assessment is conducted to identify risks pre-emptively. Further information on the retention of data is contained in the Council's data retention guidelines.

Before we use any third parties to process information on our behalf, we perform due diligence on their abilities also keep your information safe, and where possible we process all information within our own hosted or virtual servers, and do not transfer your data outside of the European Economic Area.