Succession policy

Disputed Succession

10.1 Where we believe that there is no legal right to succession and there is no agreement at Exceptional Circumstances Panel

to offer a new tenancy on a discretionary basis, we will commence legal proceedings to obtain possession and will consider the failed successor to be an unauthorised occupier.

10.2 We will notify the occupants that there is no right to succeed the tenancy and will inform them, along with the deceased's representative, of our intention to seek possession. We will issue a Notice to Quit on the deceased's personal representative as well as on the Public Trustee.

10.3 On expiry of the Notice to Quit, a use and occupation account will be set up in the name of the unauthorised occupant/s to enable payment of weekly charges until the property is recovered.

10.4 Where legal action is taken, we will pursue a money judgement order for outstanding use and occupation charges as well as court costs.