Succession policy

Discretionary Succession

5.1 We may, in certain circumstances, consider discretionary succession where there is no statutory provision.

Each case will be evaluated by the Exceptional Circumstances Panel and the following information will be taken into account;

  • The relationship to the deceased
  • How long the potential successor has lived at the property
  • Whether there are support needs or vulnerability
  • If the property is suitable to the household, including under-occupation
  • Whether the applicant would be homeless and have a priority need to be re-housed.

5.2 The Exceptional Circumstances Panel may consider the offer of suitable alternative accommodation where the property is not deemed suitable to the household. We will use our Housing Allocations Policy to inform how alternative accommodation will be offered and prioritised.

5.3 As discretionary succession is not a legal succession, a new tenancy agreement will be issued and in most circumstances this will be a flexible five-year tenancy.