Succession policy

Types of Succession

The 4 types of succession are:

3.1 Survivorship is where a joint tenant passes away and the tenancy continues in the surviving tenant's name. The remaining joint tenant or 'survivor' is a successor and therefore no further succession rights exist.

3.2 Statutory succession is a legal right giving successors the right to succeed a tenancy on the death of a tenant. Legislation provides for one statutory succession only, this includes survivorship, as above.

3.3 Contractual succession is where the tenancy agreement provides additional rights of succession, without needing consent or permission. WHBC do not include contractual rights of succession within their tenancy agreements.

3.4 Discretionary succession may be considered where a spouse or family member does not have a legal right to succeed a tenancy, but where offering a new tenancy is appropriate to the circumstances. This should be in accordance with the Housing Allocations Policy and all cases must be considered and approved by the Exceptional Circumstances Panel.