Succession policy

Rent Arrears and Succession

6.1 Where succession takes place through survivorship, the remaining joint tenant is liable for any rent arrears or associated recharges and sundry debts.

They are also entitled to any credit that may exist on the account.

6.2 Where a tenancy passes by statutory succession, the successor is not liable for rent arrears that may be owed by the deceased. However, if there is a possession order in force at the time of death, the successor will be at risk of eviction if they do not comply with the terms of the order.

6.3 Liability for rent arrears on the death of a tenant will pass to the deceased tenants' estate.

6.4 Where discretion is applied and a new tenancy issued, the new tenant will be required to pay any outstanding rent arrears or use and occupation charges from the old tenancy. We expect the outstanding charges to be paid before the new tenancy agreement is issued but may offer a payment plan in cases of exceptional hardship. Where this is the case, the arrears will be incorporated into the new tenancy agreement.