How to bid on a council housing property

When we will bid for properties on your behalf

Auto bidding:

If you need help with the bidding process and there is no one else to help you we will assist you to make bids. Areas of preference and property type will be set up following discussion with you.

Active bidding:

This is where we bid on your behalf. If you refuse a reasonable offer of accommodation, your priority may be changed. Examples of this include:

  • if you are homeless and the main housing duty has been accepted and is outside the 'time limited' bidding
  • if you are a statutory successor and the property is too large for your needs
  • if you have been given very high priority because you have an urgent need to move, such as severe harassment or a severe risk of violence.

Approved bidding:

Your application may be marked as 'approved'. This means you can bid for properties but restrictions may be placed on:

  • where you can live
  • or the property type you can be offered.

An example of this might be if you have a history of offending behaviour and should not live near the victim(s). In these cases your bid will need to be approved before we make an offer.

Time limited bidding

This means being given a time frame for how long you can bid before we bid on your behalf  (active' bidding). Sometimes this time frame may be extended - for instance because a suitable property has not become available. Examples of where this will apply include:

  • If you are homeless and we have accepted a duty to rehouse you. If bid for housing and are successful, and the accommodation is suitable, during a set time frame this will be the final offer. If you refuse the accommodation we will no longer be responsible for rehoming you (a discharge of the council's duty).
  • If you have been given a higher priority band due to an urgent need to move, such as domestic violence or harassment.
  • If you are a statutory successor living in accommodation unsuitable for your needs.
  • If you have been put in a higher priority Band due to an agreed quota scheme.

These bids will be monitored. If you are not bidding appropriately the additional priority will be reconsidered.