How to bid on a council housing property

Making a bid

If you are on the housing needs register you can bid for properties.

You can bid for as many properties you are interested in at a time, if you are eligible for them.

The advert for the property will tell you who is eligible.

You will mainly bid yourself but in some cases we might bid for you

After you make a bid

After you bid on a property we add you to a shortlist.

Then we check:

  • the details of your application are accurate
  • if you are eligible for the property
  • which priority band you are in
  • your circumstances have not changed
  • your current rent account
  • the condition of your property
  • if your conduct as a tenant is satisfactory
  • if you have any support issues that require a support plan

If you are an approved bidder, we will also check if the bid made is within the criteria we have agreed.

Bid on property

Your housing application login allows you to view and bid for properties you're eligible for.

Log in to view and bid for properties

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