How to bid on a council housing property

Refusing an offer

Generally you can can refuse any offer of accommodation without penalty.

If you refuse three offers, we will contact you to discuss this and check you understand the scheme.

In exceptional circumstances, if you refuse multiple offer we may make your application 'non active' for a period of time.

If you are homeless (and we have accepted a duty to under the homeless legislation) you are normally expected to accept the first offer you get.

Time limited bidders

If you refuse an offer and you are a 'time limited' bidder:

  • we will contact you immediately to check your reasons
  • we will make sure that you understand that this may affect your priority band
  • your priority band may be reduced.

Active Bidding

In exceptional circumstances we will make an active bid on your behalf. Such as if you are homeless and have not made a successful bid in the time limited bidding period.

If our bid leads to an offer, we will make you one reasonable offer of a property. The offer will take into account any special circumstances.

Refusing an active bid offer if you are homeless

If you are homeless and refuse this offer:

  • we have fulfilled our duty (under Part 7 of the Housing Act 1996)
  • we will not make any more offers to you.

You have a right to request a review of that decision. We strongly advise you to accept the offer subject to the review decision.

If you still want to refuse the offer:

  • we will write to you to let you know our duty to them under homeless law has ended
  • you will no longer be able to stay in temporary accommodation.

Refusing an active bid offer if you are a non-secure housing tenant

We have no legal obligation to provide housing to non-secure tenants if you do not accept an offer of a tenancy on a permanent basis.

If this happens:

  • you will be allowed to remain on the Housing Needs Register
  • your banding will change to reflect your new housing circumstances.