How to bid on a council housing property

If your bid is successful (getting an offer)

If you are successful we will contact you by letter, phone or email to offer you the property. If you are a council tenant, your current home must be in a satisfacty decorative condition, not damaged and have no unauthorised alterations.

Getting an offer on a property that still has a tenant (Preallocation Offers)

Sometimes we offer properties before they are ready for letting. The property may even still have a tenant living there (under Notice that their tenancy is to end). This is called 'preallocation'.

Going to see the property (Accompanied Viewings)

If the property you are offered is empty, we can arrange for you to view it. This is called an 'accompanied viewing'. Children under 12 will not be able to come to accompanied viewings.

We can only make the viewing if the property is safe and we have permission from our maintenance contractor.

Getting a provisional offer (for people with support needs)

Properties that are for people over 60 or with support needs may be offered on a 'provisional' basis. We will need to carry out a Needs Assessment to make sure it is right for you. We will carry out the assessment.