How to bid on a council housing property

If your bid is unsuccessful (you do not get an offer)

We are not able to make you an offer if:

  • a property has been purpose built or significantly adapted for a person with a disability and you do not need that type of property
  • you have rent arrears or a debt relating to a current or former tenancy
  • you are under 18 and have no guarantor and no support being provided by Social Services
  • a local lettings policy is in operation and you do not meet the criteria
  • you intend on bringing pets that are not allowed in the property
  • do not meet the Registered Provider rules of that landlord for income, household size or any other reason
  • you need a level or type of support that the property or scheme cannot provide.

Withdrawing offers

We may also withdraw an offer if:

  • we find that the property is not suitable for your needs or circumstances
  • we find that you are not entitled to the offer
  • you are currently a council tenant and the condition of your current property is not satisfactory
  • you have not responded to the offer
  • an error has been made in the advertising criteria
  • there has been a serious breach of tenancy subsequent to the offer, but before it has been accepted.