There are currently eight conservation areas in the borough.

These are

  • Ayot Green historic core
  • Ayot St. Lawrence historic core
  • Essendon historic core
  • Old Hatfield historic core
  • Northaw historic core
  • Welwyn village historic core
  • Welwyn Garden City town centre and residential areas to the west
  • Beehive area, Welwyn Garden City

We are committed to preserving and enhancing the quality of these environments and therefore the emphasis is to guide and control development. All new development should be sympathetic to the special architectural and aesthetic qualities of the area, particularly in terms of scale, design, materials and space between buildings.


Living in a conservation area

Find out if you live in a conservation area

What does it mean for you if you wish to alter your home (this includes small scale changes):

  •  are more strictly controlled.
  • In Welwyn Garden City, you may require Estate Management Scheme Consent.
  • You may need planning permission and Building Regulations consent for demolition in whole or part of most buildings and structures, including walls and outhouses
  • Trees are protected and you will need to apply to us to carry out any work to trees
  • You must to mindful of even the smallest changes which can detract from the special character of the area and the value of properties.


Planning permission in conservation areas

New developments that need planning permission are required to be of a very high standard of design that is sympathetic to the existing environment. New development must make a positive contribution to the character of the area. In view of this we may require additional information in support of any planning application showing how the proposal will relate to the Conservation Area. This can mean the submission of elevations of adjacent buildings and examples of materials and colours in addition to information normally required to be submitted for development, such as elevations and floor plans. Usually only a fully detailed planning application will be considered, which should be accompanied by a design statement where the floor space created by the development is 100 square metres or more or comprises the provision of one of more residential property.


Repairs within a conservation area

The success of Conservation Areas depend upon the care which individual owners take with the maintenance and repair of their properties and in any alterations or extensions they make.  For example original windows and doors should be repaired where possible, or replaced with new ones to match the originals in terms of materials used and details of their design. Even small changes can detract from the special character of an area and the value of properties.  English Heritage has guidance on the care, repair and upgrading of traditional windows on its website.