Pet Policy for Council Housing

Policy statement

2.1 This policy is intended to outline the conditions under which residents may keep pets in accommodation managed by Welwyn Hatfield Borough Council. It is not exhaustive, and the council reserves the right to refuse requests or withdraw permission, where the conditions within the policy are not being met. Requests will be considered on a case-by-case basis, and we will not unreasonably refuse requests, but will take action where pet ownership is causing a breach of tenancy.

2.2 The specific objectives of the Pet Policy are to:

• Ensure tenants know how to request permission to keep a pet in their home.

• Ensure tenants are aware of their responsibilities when keeping a pet in their home.

• Ensure tenants are given the opportunity, wherever possible, to own a pet.

• Demonstrate when and why permission to keep a pet may not be given or may be withdrawn.

• Ensure our properties are not detrimentally affected by tenant pet ownership.

• Ensure that our residents are not disadvantaged by our tenant’s pet ownership.