Pet Policy for Council Housing

Our approach

3.1 Our priority is to ensure where possible tenants can experience pet ownership should they wish to. The council appreciates that keeping a pet can offer significant health and well-being benefits to residents living in our accommodation. Unfortunately, we also have to acknowledge that irresponsible pet ownership can cause a nuisance to others living nearby and, in some cases, present a health and safety or fire risk. It is therefore necessary to have guidelines to ensure residents are not adversely affected by their neighbours living in our accommodation with pets. Your tenancy agreement also sets out tenancy conditions in relation to pet ownership.

3.2 We will regularly review this policy and ensure that it continues to meet its objectives. We will continue to work with colleagues within the council and other external agencies to ensure the welfare of our residents, support pet ownership and animal welfare. Examples include the Street Wardens, the Police and the RSPCA and animal welfare charities.