Pet Policy for Council Housing

Permission to keep your pet may be withdrawn by the council if:

• We receive complaints about your pet from neighbours or staff which is evidenced as nuisance, such as a dog barking excessively, and which cannot be resolved satisfactorily. You will be required to re-home the pet. Serious cases of anti-social behaviour is a breach of your tenancy and enforcement action could be taken against you.

• You are found to be keeping animals for commercial breeding purposes, or you allow your property to be used for such purposes.

• You are found to be in breach of any of the tenancy conditions around the keeping of animals set out in your tenancy agreement.

• Your animal harms or presents as harmful to other residents, the general public or a member of WHBC staff or their contractors.

• You fail to secure your pet in another room, if requested, to allow a member of WHBC staff or contractor to visit.

• You have too many pets in your home.

It is important to note that the breach of any tenancy conditions could result in the council taking enforcement action, including repossession of your home.