Street naming and numbering policy

Policy statement

1.1 The Council controls the naming and numbering of streets and buildings within the Borough of Welwyn Hatfield under the Public Health Act 1925 sections 17 to 19. The purpose of this control is to make sure that any new street or building names and numbers are allocated logically with a view to ensuring they conform to BS 7666:2006.

This is important as it allows:

  • Emergency services to find a property quickly (delays can cost lives and money)
  • Mail to be delivered efficiently
  • Visitors to find where they want to go
  • Reliable delivery of services and products
  • Records of service providers to be kept in an effective manner

All types of developments should be subject to the formal Street Naming and Numbering(SNN) process even if the statute which the SNN authority adopts does not mention a particular type of property, for example, internal numbering of a sub-divided building.

This helps achieve consistent street and LPI records in the NLPG. This applies to all residential, commercial and industrial properties.

1.2 Anyone wishing to change the name or number of their property or seeking an address for a new property, should apply in writing to the Council.(see appendix B & C) This also applies to property owners who require street naming and numbering changes for splits / mergers or other reasons. The numbering of properties where no new street is involved (‘infill’ properties on existing streets) are not subject to the consultation procedures outlined in Section 3.

1.3 As far as street naming proposals are concerned, the Council is happy for developers or owners to propose their own preferred names for consideration. However it is a requirement that three suggestions for a new name should be put forward in case one or more fails to meet the criteria outlined in this guidance. The Council will give preference to names which reflect the historical significance to the site. It should be noted that some sites already have designated themes, for example the Hatfield Aerodrome area reflects the aviation history of the site. Existing themes should be respected and continued wherever possible. Streets may be named after people related to a particular area or site, however, such names will only be considered if the person in question is deceased and the surviving family has consented.

1.4 If proposals comply with our Policy on Street Naming and Numbering and do not meet with an objection following consultation with Parish Councils and / or local Ward Members, the new address will be formally allocated and all relevant bodies will be notified. See Appendix D for a list of those informed by the Council.

1.5 Where street names or previous numbers have been established without reference to the Council, the Council have the authority to issue Renaming or Renumbering Orders. 3

1.6 The SNN Authority has the responsibility for the final approval of a street name.

1.7 In addition to complying with appropriate legislation, this policy is compliant at the time of implementation with the document “Data entry conventions and best practice for the NLPG (version 3.1 November 2010) available from the NLPG custodian at