Street naming and numbering policy

Appendix A - The Public Health Act 1925

The 1925 act section 17(1) states "Before any street is given a name, notice of the proposed name shall be sent to the urban authority by the person proposing to name the street"

Section 17(2) states "The urban authority, within one month after the receipt of such notice, may, by notice in writing served on the person by whom notice of the proposed name of the street has sent, object to the proposed name"

Section 17(3) states "It shall not be lawful to set up in any street an inscription of the name thereof:

(i) Until the expiration of one month after notice of the proposed name has been sent to the urban authority under this section

(ii) Where the urban authority have objected to the proposed name, unless and until such objection has been withdrawn by the urban authority or overruled on appeal"

Section 17(4) states "Where the urban authority serve a notice of objection under this section, the person proposing to name the street may, within 21 days after the service of the notice, appeal against the objection to a petty sessional court."

Section 18(1) of the 1925 act states "The urban authority may by order alter the name of any street or part of the street, or may assign a name to any street, or part of the street to which a name has not been given"

Section 18(2) states "Not less than one month before making an order under this section, the urban authority shall cause notice of the intended order to be posted at each end of the street, or part of the street, or in some conspicuous position in the street or part affected"

Section 18(3) states "every such notice shall contain a statement that the intended order may be made by the urban authority on or at any time after the day named in the notice and that an appeal for will lie under this act to a petty sessional court against the intended order at the instance of any person aggrieved"

Section 19 states “the urban authority shall cause the name of every street to be painted, or otherwise marked, in a conspicuous position on any house, building or erection in or near the street. And from time to time alter or renew such inscription of the name of any street, if and when the name of the street is altered or the inscription becomes illegible