Street naming and numbering policy

Procedure for address changes

9.1 If a property has an officially allocated number, it will not be possible to replace the number with a name. If the occupier chooses to use a house name in these circumstances the address must still include the allocated property number.

9.2 Named Properties

9.2.1 To request a change to an address, the owner must apply to the Council on the relevant application form (see Appendix C) and include the relevant fee (see Appendix G) the application should include the following details:

  • The existing house name, address and postcode
  • The proposed new name
  • A plan showing the exact location of the property if the property is not easily identifiable from the existing address
  • A date from which the house name should be changed (if not immediate)

9.2.2 Requests can only be accepted from the owners of properties and not tenants, if the Council is any doubt that the applicant is not the owner, proof of ownership may be requested.

9.2.3 The Council cannot formally change a property name where the property is in the process of being purchased, that is, until exchange of contracts, although the Council can give guidance on the acceptability of a chosen name before this.

9.2.4 A check is made by the Council to ensure there is no other property in the location with the same or similar name. (section 4.11 and 4.11.1)

9.2.5 Once all checks are satisfactorily complete, the Council will change the name of the property and advise the relevant parties. A full list of those informed is included in Appendix D.

9.2.6 The Council will then confirm in writing the new official address to the owner of the property.