Street naming and numbering policy

Responsibility for property addressing

5.1 All elements of an address with the exception of postcode and post town are defined by Welwyn Hatfield Borough Council. The numbers and names assigned to properties and the official names assigned to streets are the Intellectual Property of the authority.

5.2 Allocation of postcodes is managed by Royal Mail and must be confirmed by them. Welwyn Hatfield Borough Council may undertake this process on the applicants behalf and inform the applicant and other interested parties. The authority reserves the right to complete a Street Naming and Numbering application without the provision of postcode and post town information. The maintenance of postcode information and any future change to individual postcodes or postcode sectors is the responsibility of Royal Mail. Welwyn Hatfield Borough Council accepts no responsibility or liability for omission of postcode or post town information, nor any failure of services arising from this omission.