Housing Responsive Repairs Policy (Rechargeable Tenant Repairs)


The aims of this policy are as follows:

  • Promote a responsible attitude by tenants/licensees towards their home and communal areas to ensure they are made responsible for their actions whilst not causing undue financial hardship.
  • To give clear guidance on the circumstances where tenants/licensees will be recharged for repairs.
  • Ensure rechargeable items are dealt with transparently and efficiently.
  • To give clear guidance on the circumstances when and where discretion will be applied.
  • To outline the process of recharging for repairs.
  • To set out the rationale to the charges that will be applied.
  • Contribute to the efficient maintenance of the housing stock.
  • Contribute to the effective management of the repairs budget.
  • Maximise income by the recovery of debts owed relating to rechargeable items and thus demonstrate value for money.