Housing Responsive Repairs Policy (Rechargeable Tenant Repairs)

Void Repairs / Transfer / Mutual exchange

When a tenant/licensee gives notice to terminate their tenancy, arrangements will be made for a pre-termination inspection.

This inspection will identify as far as practically possible any aspects of disrepair or unauthorised tenant alteration, which are the responsibility of the tenant/licensee.

An opportunity will be given to rectify any remedial works prior to the end of the tenancy for which we are not responsible for. If any such defects are not remedied prior to the end of the tenancy, or if the work is not of a satisfactory standard, a recharge may then be raised for the cost of the works. If the tenant is carrying out a mutual exchange, the council will inspect the property and identify as far as practically possible any rechargeable repairs or unauthorised tenant alteration prior to the exchange.

The tenant will be required to carry out any remedial works or ask the council to carry out any rechargeable works in accordance with this policy prior to them moving.

Where the property has been left in an unacceptable condition by the outgoing tenant, we may in certain circumstances, arrange for clearance to take place and will recharge the outgoing tenant.