Vexatious, persistent and abusive behaviour policy

Informing process

When the decision has been taken to apply restrictions to a customer, a Head of Service or Corporate Director will contact the customer in writing or email (and/or as appropriate) to explain:

  • Why we have taken the decision,
  • What action we are taking,
  • The duration of that action, 
  • The review process of this policy and the right of the customer to contact the Local Government, Housing Ombudsman, or other regulatory body as appropriate about the fact that their contact has been classified as vexatious, unreasonable or persistent.

Where a customer continues to behave in a way which is unacceptable, a member of the Senior Management Team in consultation with the Assistant Director (Customer and Transformation) may decide to refuse all contact with the customer and stop any investigation into the matter raised.

Where the behaviour is so extreme or it threatens the immediate safety and welfare of officers, the council’s Staff Protection Policy enables us to consider other options, for example reporting the matter to the police or taking legal action. In such cases, we may not give the complainant prior warning of that action.